Building & Renovation


  You are ready for the step into your own four walls. But you still hesitate? Your   own house is a life dream that can be realized quickly and easily with the right   partner - according to your ideas, all in your style.
  Bei uns erhalten Sie eine Professionelle Beratung für Ihr Bau-Projekt.
  Sowohl als Haupt- sowie als Nachunternehmer, führen wir jegliche Arbeiten   in- und um Ihr Haus aus.
  Our services include:
  . Project planning
  . Plan
  . Building
   -> All from a single source.


  You as a homeowner might ask the question, in which structural condition is   your building? Is there need for repair because of new laws? Which expansion   possibilities your home has to adapt it in your changing life? We can help in   this situation with a suitable concept. We also assume professionally the   restoration of Grade II listed buildings, preservation or modernize your old   residential buildings.

  In addition, we carry out following services:
  . Mould remediation
  . Insulation

  building rescuer

  A own home is the dream of many people. But the own four walls may be   associated with much risk and trouble - the botched-up construction is today   Unfortunately normal. So your dream home can quickly become a nightmare.   
  We provide them with advice and act to the side and remove the defects so   that your nightmare house is be a dream house again.

  You have problems with your house. With us you get the solution. All trades   around your house, with architectural and structural.

  We implement your visions!