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Facility management generally defines the services that are performed as part of the cleaning, building management and other requirements. The City Star Facility Management Services provides them with experience and service from one source.

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The City Star Facility Management offers more than Facility management.
Each building in Germany has an average of 21 construction defects, according to studies. The elimination of structural damage cost a total of about 1.4 billion euros annually. If defective or unstable masonry waterproofing, the term includes all construction botch causes that - sooner or later - lead to structural damage, whether architects error, sloppy working construction company or inferior building materials (Source:
The City Star Facility Management is a team of qualified craftsmen and offers a comprehensive range of services for all matters in the areas of construction and renovation. No matter if new or old construction or construction botch, your object is with us in all construction measures always in expert hands ........


Facility Management

More elaborate equipped buildings meet the increasing and diverse demands of our time. You want to create the value of your building a clean and hygienic so pleasant atmosphere! We will provide you a perfect care through a broad range of expertise of our employees. By the professional and object oriented use of modern machinery and equipment to get the desired cleaning effect. Long-term staffs working in the same object provide a high level of identification with the customer. The contents include the maintenance performance and surface treatment of floors, ceilings and walls, radiators and sanitary facilities and the objects of interior design ....